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You may have noticed that The Generic Opinion/ has changed URLs. As far as we know there is nothing at the old URL( and we aren't sure who at this time actually controls the name. It got hijacked by the previous host and they have since disappeared, well the servers seem to be running but there isn’t anyone home.  Enough about that, the move seems to have gone well, and I think all the broken links are fixed. I catch them all eventually.

There was one other disaster last year a hard drive crashed and took a good amount of information with it. Most is recoverable as it was backed up, but I really don’t have the time to search through a bunch of backup discs to find all the bits. Nothing really important is gone, so not really a disaster just not very good luck.

Except for the new URL ( ) nothing has really changed so please enjoy as usual and with a bit of luck there will be some new content this year.

AboUt 2012