"HI" from the Editor.  
The following page is to explain how you, as an individual, can become a Generic Journalist. 
First a little general information... 
THE GENERIC OPINION? is a free Music, Arts and Information magazine.  We consider ourselves a cultural magazine.  With a focus on alternatives to the main stream in many of our articles.  Our advertisers are a diverse range of business, so we try to maintain a liberal, however twisted, generic opinion. 
By now you are wondering "What the Hell, is this guy talking about?" 
In this you have numerous choices, our publication is open to all forms of art, etc.  Every month we publish record reviews, cult &  B-movie reviews, poetry, cartoons, short stories, special interest material, art, gig listings, and general weirdness. 
If you want to do any of the above, or know someone, or ask a stranger to contribute something, you are one step closer to being a GENERIC JOURNALIST- right? 
We also have some special monthly pages, the writing required for these sections is, regrettably, somewhat more strict. 
The first of these is the GENERIC TABLOID.  In this we have totally fictitious news and weirdness.  Just think of any supermarket tabloid.  In our tabloid we have to stay away from blatant slander and liable, for obvious reasons. 
The second one is the GENERIC QUESTION.  The question has to be completely generic and only three generic answers can be given.  You as a GENERIC JOURNALIST can help us every month by poling friends, neighbors, stranger, your pet lizard, or inanimate objects, and recording your findings, then send them to us. 
If on the other hand you want to have more than an occasional byline.  This is the one for you.  The MONTHLY COLUMN, yes you could write a monthly column.  The column can be about damn near anything.  Just let us know what you are doing so we try not to repeat it.  If the monthly column is on something that doesn't need to be researched every month, think about writing a bunch ahead of time send us all your columns for the year if you want.  Just remember if your doing a monthly column we need twelve, count em' 12 columns from you.  Also note a column can be anywhere from half a column (~750 words) to a full page (~4000 words). 
"Well, this is okay, but how about art", 
"Art is fine he just had a bit of an accident".  ah, sorry got a little side tracked. 
Generically Yours, 
The Editor 
To Whom it may concern. 
"HI!" my name is Colin Paterson, Editor for the Generic Opinion, what you are about to read is a form letter, since 24 hours in a day just isn't enough.  By now you have read HOW TO BE A GENERIC JUORNALIST, if not read it now.  Okay, here we go.  If you plan on sending us material to include in the upcoming issue, slated for December 1st, we have to have your submissions by November 13th.  For any other issue no later than the third week of the month.  Please include a phone number so we may contact you.  We have to publish 12 issues, so we are in constant demand for material of any description.  This includes, not just art and writting, but your thoughts on the publication.  We are in desperate need of doodle art, art in general, and informational material. 
                                        Thank You. 
                                              The Editor. 
Contacting The Generic Opinion? today. 
Down here at the bottom of the page is what some of you may have been looking for. The only way to contact the Generic Opinion? in the here and now. If you want to e-mail The Generic Opinion? to let us know how much you love or hate it. Send your comments to us at via the submissions page(Click Here). You may not get a reply. It isn't that we don't value your comments, we do. We also know you probably get enough e-mail that is next to useless in one day. Thanks for letting us know what you think.  
So you want to submit material you think is appropriate for the Generic Opinion? 
Slow down, there are a few things you should know first. 
- We don't pay for the use of submission, never have and never will.  
- You submit it, we can publish it on any of the Generic Opinion? web sites ( or publications. 
- We don't use all submission, and we update randomly at best, if at all. Your submissions may be archived until we can or feel it appropriate to publish them.  
- If we do want to use or archive your submission we will reply, so please include an e-mail contact with your submission. 
- We prefer plain text(.txt) or .RTF files for text submissions. Other formats may not be read and discarded. 
- Submit images as .bmp, or .jpg formats. Other formats may be accepted however they are more likely to be discarded. 
- Submissions can be sent as single or multiple attached files or better yet as a .zip file. 
Still want to submit something? 
Then send your submissions to us via the new submissions page. 
(Click Here to open the Submissions page in a new browser window
Generic Thanks 
    The cyber-editor 
A Note: As The Generic Opinion? is back please go to and check it out. Please use the new sites submitions page to submit new material.  
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