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Sons Of Freedom - GUMP  
      Well the long awaited Sons of Freedom CD, proved itself to be just another disc.  It remains true to the first album, maybe to much so.  The band doesn't seem to have taken any chances with this album and that's the downside.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained by these guys. 
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Superstition 
    In the years since the early eighties few bands have continued to produce music that is great to dance to without being utter trash.  Siouxsie and the Banshees has resisted in maintaining an intelligent three dimensional reality to their music.  While the new album doesn't surpass "The Scream",it does give your mind something to ponder.  Best tunes are "Got To Get Up", and "Cry", where Siouxsies sultry voice causes shivers.  Over all a pleasant listen. 
METALLICA - Enter Sandman 
    Heavy ... This album rocks w/tunes like "Holier Than Thou", The lead track "Enter Sandman".  This newest release  is more reminiscent of their earlier stuff, than the last album (frankly, I thought the last album sucked).  The slower melodic tunes and not too bad either; they show in particular how Metallica has grown & matured, Since albums like "KILL `EM ALL" and "RIDE THE LIGHTNING".  Overall the album is worth the coin.  The only thing I didn't like was the cover.  You can't see a fucking thing! 
Transvision Vamp - Little Magnets vs the Bubble of Babble 
    From the opening cut of their new album, it was apparent Transvision Vamp had lost some of its edge.  Unfortunate as this is, the anger and violence are gone, leaving songs corrupt with sexual overtones.  Thank God some things don't change.  Wendy Jones is still the siren, causing the hormones of young men everywhere into overdrive. The roughness will be missed but in a pinch one can live with the new tunes. 
  Foetus Inc.  
Machinery Hill 
  Touch & Go 
  Everywhere there is the ordinary and obvious.  Occasionally something comes along that is an inspired effort.  Flour's new album Machinery Hill and Foetus' "Sink" are such.  There are blatant similarities between the two.  First, both names start with that big letter F.  Secondly and surprisingly, both are one man bands.  One man Bands have a clear sense of direction, they know what their music sounds like and are able to communicate their ideas.  The similarities end once you listen to their music.    Foetus Inc. starts off with a rockin' track called Bedrock, where men are tough and women have a place (not a bad one either). Heavy drums, some industrial, hard rock, samples and raw vocals make up Foetus' music.  Best played at high volume all the way through.  Take note of the tracks "the Only Good Christian is a Dead Christian", "Halo Flamin head" and "Wash it All Off"   Flour's music has the power to carry you off into the land of Flour.  Drum machines, guitars, distortion and vocals almost drowned in the waves of sound but adding intrigue to the music.  Lovely stuff, don't let the name mislead you, this is not  flowery hippy dippy shit. The best song  is Screamin' For Me Durlin'.  Tools, Machinery Killare also excellent songs.  Flour likes a twist at the end of his albums.  Beer Belly Polka is exactly what the title suggests, listening to it once is probable enough.  Also recommended is Flours' LUV 713, his 1990 release.   These albums are valuable additions to any collection, may it be 
albums, frogs, cassettes or even dinosaurs. 
                                    - G. Halfhead 
ThE ViNdiCatoR! - Our resident music critic! 
         Well this month let's start off with Dinosaur Jr's new release, Where You Been.  It's crap.  No talent, pitiful little excuse for new music.  It starts off with promise, with the opening track Out There, but quickly drops in to the gutter.  And just what does ``ALL SONGS SPAM AS THE BREAD MUSIC BMI'' really mean?  The final track on side 1 is called Not the Same. LLLLAAAAAAAAAMMMMMEEE!!!!!!!!! Shut up you sniveling little whiner.  What are you trying to make us sick?  Wanna see me hurl? Speaking of hurl, The The just put out an album called Dusk. The The are getting better.  Better than stubbing your big toe in the dark.  Better than pickin' ear wax.  With a voice that processed why bother even singing.  Why not just squeeze a cat, sample it and let your keyboard do the singing.  The sound is laid back and kind of funky.  Lonely Planet the last song is typical of what a band as old as The The would put out.  ``If you can't change the world change yourself.''  Go back to bed Grandpa, 
your stale rhetoric isn't helping.  And just what would Grandpa's opinion be of Helmet's contribution to total noise with their album Meantime. Stale?  Hey guys, I can talk and play guitar at the same time too.  You don't see me putting an album out do you?  Maybe you can borrow The The's voice effects.  Or better yet, get a cat. Finally, there are just a couple of things I have to get off my chest before I go.  I keep hearing AC/DC played everywhere. Why?  Don't you think Bon Scott died for a reason?  To end the band!!  He knew they would become old men and start to sound like crap.  Is it just me or doesn't anyone else notice they only know 3 chords.  Try it.  Back in black, Hells Bells, Thunder Struck all of it.  And when is Iggy Pop going to stop touring and put out another good album?  Still bitter about Jethro Tull beating you out for a Grammy for your album Instinct?  Obviously someone let the wood nymphs vote. 
These opinions are not necessarily those of the author or The Generic Opinion? and should not be read backwards as they may contain satanic messages. Ed. 
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