WELCOME, to The Western Canadian Independent Music Festival.  Stoney '92 is now a reality, and you are here, not there.  A  massive coordination effort of over 300 people, 65 performers  and an anticipated attendance of 10,000 people (If they can find  it), from western Canada and the northwest U.S., has resulted in  the biggest environmentally friendly music festival in Canada to  date.   Stoney '92 is setting the standard for future events of this nature,  due to their recycling, conservation and protection efforts, lets help  to keep it that way. 
 Some of the premiere performers at Stoney'92, although not all are  exactly western Canadian, they are well worth your tickets price,  THE DEAD MILKMEN, TAD, BABES IN TOYLAND, SONS OF FREEDOM, and  ART BERGMANN.  A few of the other performers will be:  MALHAVOC,  HUEVOS RANCHEROS, COFFIN BREAK, MONSTER VOODOO MACHINE, JR. GONE WILD,  RAMADA GODS, FURNACE FACE, I CARE, LOST DAKOTAS, SMUGGLERS, LOVED ONE,  KRUL HUL, AGONY PIPE, KREVISS, RIPCORDZ, DED. SOULS, NENDIKS, ZEN,  SEDATED SOULS, ELVIS LOVE CHILD, POEMOTION, CHROME DOG, PIGMENT VEHICLE,  HIGH ROLLERS, RED FISHER, GRAND THEFT CANOE, GRANDPA'S MAJIK PINECONE,  WHISKEY CARNIVAL, BULLETPROOF NOTHING, BUM, DAY OF EDEN, MINSTRELS ON  SPEED, ANXIOUS POETS, MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY, RHINOS, BAM BAM, ED  SUPPOSES, TANK HOG, RED AUTUMN FALL, EVAPORATORS, QUITTERS, BOMBSHELLS,  MRS. SWENSON, ARAGATHOR, NECROSCOPE, SINEATER, TRACKER, MOIST, EL  CAMINOS, VINCE, BOYS SAY GO, DEADBEAT BACKBONE, SKIN BARN, SMALLS,  ROLLCAGE, SUPERCONDUCTOR, BIG GULP, AGONY PIPE, BULLETPROOF NOTHING,  DAGWOOD, CUB, GRAIN, SEDATED SOULS.  There are also three surprise  performers each night of the festival, I can't tell you who because  they wouldn't tell me either.  65 bands in all will play the festival.   Don't particularly care for the band playing right now?  Stoney '92 is about more than just independent music, it is about  independence itself, our human rights and obligations to be allowed  to think freely, and be aware of our socio-political responsibility  to this planet, its people, plants and animals.  There are a number  of groups at the festival that will provide you with this needed information and if that isn't your style check out what the artisans  have to offer, listen to the buskers, catch a film, or sit in the  beer garden; its up to you. 
 Hungry yet? 
  Well the organizers have that covered too, from Ukrainian to Thai   and of course western food is available.  You can even get a cappo,   if you so desire.   Security for the festival will be in operation 24 hours a day for   your safety and convenience.  The military medical teams and ambulances   are at the festival for; well if you can't figure it out...   You may have noticed that we keep referring to The Western   Canadian Independent Music Festival as Stoney'92. This is due to   the fact the festival was to take place on the Stoney Indian reserve.   However due to unforeseen circumstances it is now in Highwood.   The Generic Opinion would like to thank the Organizers and all the   volunteers who helped in making The Western Canadian Independent   Music Festival a reality, for allowing us (and you) to be here, supplying us with festival information and their work and effort.   We would also like to make it clear that the Generic Opinion is   in no way affiliated with The Western Canadian Independent Music   Festival.  We just happen to be here, thanks to them. 
  Support independence that's what its all about. 
 - Colin Paterson 
- A retrospective 
 I guess that now seeing as it 's the new year and all , it is time to take a retrospective look at what really happened at the independent music festival, in famously known as ``Highwood''.  Looking back, it seems a miracle that the event was a success at all.  I remember being clueless as to its actual location until, upon leaving Calgary, we saw a sign, well half a sign actually, informing us to  travel south to Highriver.  Not the best  of directions,  but good enough, as more that 8,000 people managed to find  their way to the groovy weekend.  Over all it was a great weekend , well run with good weather and some awesome bands.  The thing that impressed me the most was the amount of organization amongst the volunteers.  It was the efforts of these caring individuals that made an event like this possible, many thankyou's! Also it is necessary to thank the organizers, whose risky venture paid off handsomely for all who attended. 
      There obligatory Kudo's completed, on to the real shit.  To all the little hippie wannabees, ``Wake the fuck up and smell the decade!'' I know a nine looks like a six upside down but that's no excuse for reliving the ways of your parents.  Not that these people were really annoying,  actually they played the role of the clown at the circus, you know, bored of watching the center ring, check out the antics of your strung out neighbor in tent-city.  For myself this provided hours of unique entertainment , watching 6 young girls next door, crammed into a two man tent, trying to rid themselves of a drunken lawn gnome.    
      This just shows that Highwood was really two events in one. There was the organized ecstasy  of the non-stop gigs, and  the constant party of life n tent-city, bored of one check out the other.  Although I have the  feeling that some people didn't see a band the entire weekend , but that's  their loss.  Ah, and what of the bands, the reason for this whole operation to occur.  Well some were great, some surprised and some totally sucked shit (read Dead Milkmen), but with the amount of variety there was sure to be something for everyone.  Friday night was Mosh night , the pit was furious the crowd hyper and the music driving.  Highlighted by such acts as TAD,  Zen and the Smalls.  Of this bunch the overbearing abusiveness of TAD was the most enjoyable.  And the next day a hangover was had by all.  Saturday night was the best lineup of the show, with Hueavos Rancheroes, Red Fisher and Furnace Face being the highlights.  All of these acts can be considered as must sees in the future 
, proving they have the vitality and originality needed to make the entire crowd feel as one.  As before mentioned, the Dead Milkmen blew and on their own would have left many people disappointed.  The finals days line up was great but Art Burgman almost appeared straight and the Sons of Freedom just don't have enough energy to play their music live,  i.e. they've grown up.   
      In all it was a wild weekend of heat, acid(not the brown), beer, happiness and great tunes.  Hopefully the success of this event will make way for one this summer and perhaps by that time the organizers will know better how to schedule the bands so you might even know whose playing an hour in advance.  But that is such a minor concern it pales in comparison to the enjoyment  the festival provided to an otherwise excruciatingly dull Calgary scene. 
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