It was a pleasant surprise when, after many weeks of useless drivel; the Silver City was suddenly born a new. All through the summer the bands were nothing more than simplistic top 40 cover bands with little  originality.  Now with the snows of winter hovering upon us it is nice to know it won't always be necessary to travel into the city to hear some decant tunes. 
   The first band to bring in their new attitude, was one that has played Banff before, none other than "TEN SECONDS OVER TOKYO." Their refusal to play the same old drivel instilled the local population to come out in droves, spending money in support of these Canadian rockers. Night after night "TEN SECONDS" had the crowd up and moshin', proving to all the yahoos Banff is a little more cultured than previously given credit. 
   On this, their most recent tour of Banff, we at the Opinion took it upon ourselves to interrogate Matt the bass player and find out what the hell was or is really going on! In hushed tones over steak and nachos, we tried to get the facts. 
G.O. How long has the band been together? 
Matt. The current line-up has been together for two years. The band was originally formed as a top 40 cover band 6 years ago, but the lead singer left and the band started to concentrated more on originality. We produced a six song EP and sold 2000 copies, but now we are searching for a real record deal. 
G.O.  This is your fourth time through Banff, how do you like it? 
Matt. I really, really like it here. One of these days the bands gonna' leave and I'm going to stay. 
G.O.  We noticed your covers are a little different from the norm, how do you decide what covers to do? 
Matt. It's pretty much a reflection of all our tastes.  On occasion this has hurt us with club owners listening to what we play and saying, 'I don't think so. You're not right for our club', but then we come here and you eat it up.  Banff Has been very good to us! 
G.O.  How do you write your originals on how many do you preform in a night? 
Matt. Well the writing is pretty much a band thing and we preform 10-12 originals each night. <CHEW,CHEW> Of course our newer stuff tends to be our current favorites. 
G.O.  Whatever happened to the your old guitars? 
Matt. Wow, you know, there are a lot of weird guitrs out today. There was this Steve Via model with a handle in the back of the guitar, what a stupid concept,<chew, chew> and those guitars in the bright neon colours! 
G.O.  What do you do while you're in Banff? 
Matt.  Well, we hiked Sundance Canyon the other day, What a trek.  I mean we're a bunch of rockers. For us it's long walk from the bar to the truck.  We got halfway up the canyon and we're thinking where's the truck. 
G.O.  What's the worst place you've played? 
Matt.  Slave lake, peopled came to the bar and ignored the band.  In Wetaskawyn we got run out of town.  Not a fun place.    
 After more conversation and much more chewing all was cleared up. 
   Ten seconds Over Tokyo remained to be one of the more interesting bands we've talked to.  With their attitude for fun, we at the GENERIC OPINION    hope they find their record deal.  We hope to be able to tell you when they return. 
                                           - C.J. 
   In a familiar bar in the southwest of Calgary a weekend ritual begins its pattern.  Its 10:30 on a Friday night and with spasmodic congruous the regulars begin to wander in.  All are in search of on thing, musically induced "NIRVANA". Of course the copious amounts to alcohol imbibed as part of the ritual surely help to this mystic journey.  In time, after the warm-up band, throngs of people are awaiting the first note from the musical    "GURU'S"   Furnace Face.  As the music begins, rapture ensues.    Hailing from Ottawa, this four piece band plays a unique, Canadian of funk.  With their infectious rhythms and intelligent and humorous lyrics it boarders on the impossible for one not to dance.  Furnace Face was born out of Fluid Waffle in 1990, and quickly toured across Canada.  The tour brought them to Calgary in the fall.    Running through the crowd under a full size Chinese paper dragon it was immediately apparent that this was a band with a unique bent.  Now, returning in the summer of 91 to promote their new album  "Just Buy It", Furnace Face, once again the Westward club was a'hoppin'.  The cassette is a twelve track recording and contains a vast reflection of the bands opinions.  It is well produced and contains the sad but true cut My Girl Friend Thinks She's Fat".    Furnace Face is the combined talents of, Tom "Mr. Poopyhead" Stewart on bass and lead vocals;  Pat "Badmister" Banister on guitar;  Marty "Smarty Moans" Jones playing keyboards; and Dave Deadly on  Drums.  All of which help to infuse the music with an intense energy capable of driving all but the numbest of souls into the land of funk.    I had the chance to talk to Furnace Face and ask them some questions during their last trip to Calgary. 
G.O.: On Your previous tour through Calgary, you opened the show with  a Chinese dragon, was there any significance to this and what does this have to do your religious beliefs? 
F.F:  Pat; I believe in Buhdism but the dragon was just a low budget crowd pleaser.  Smarty Moans; All religions are systems used to create harmony in ones body. 
G.O.: Who is responsible for the majority of the music? 
F.F.: Most of the music is co-written by Tom and Pat, working in collaboration to come up with the Furnace Face grove. 
G.O.: You have gone from being a three-piece to a four-piece, how has this affected your sound? 
F.F.: Pat: A four-piece is cool, it takes pressure off the other two leads, plus there is cheap recording seeing as Marty is a recording engineer. 
G.O.: How do you find life on the road? 
F.F.: Life on the road is better than Ottawa.  6HR. in the van to read or sleep, and once you get there its rock drink and have fun! 
G.O.: what do you have planned for the future? 
F.F.: We have a thirty track CD coming out in October on One Handed Records. 
G.O.: Would you ever consider playing in Banff? 
F.F.: We want to play in Banff, We wanted to play in the Lake Louise Trading Company, but we were told the season was over. 
G.O.: Finally, Pat why did you cut your hair? 
F.F.: " I had to get a job and dreads our gross." 
    An experience, that is a word in which the full justification of attending a Furnace Face gig is explained.  A torrid blend of showmanship and art which draws one in and puts a smile on ones face. In the end, after the finale chord had been struck, the throngs were still to be found standing on the dance floor. Only now instead of searching for nirvana they swayed content. 
   By C.J.T. 
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