Bad Poetry was a popular section, it seems everyone can write poetry or at least some people liked to send it in.. 
Sleep, Sleep, here she creeps 
Ride Ride come inside 
it's warm and soft 
and smells of sweet 
floating in 
hush low 
Northern Lights 
on sparkling 
black skys 
Rays of silver 
Rolling on by 
  - B. Stacey
I think I'm catching on to you 
figured out what your trying to do 
Wished you hadn't guessed the game 
before i met you they were all the same 
Now it seems you know the score 
And your not gonna take it any more 
with a wall of will 
you tempt me still 
felling the smooth stone 
with words of hate 
you can't change fate 
we are two alone 
  - B. Stacey
Its coming to that time again 
When I've gotta be hitting the Road 
I should've Know that I wouldn't win 
Cause I'm carrying too big a load 
But thats the way it's always been 
And will probably always be 
The train whistle moans in the dead of the night 
Haunting but seducing me 
The road is open all the time 
and it doesn't make demands 
so down you beers I'll drink my wine 
and we'll toast to beginnings & ends 
     - B. Stacey
Known by the cold air 
and rancid stench 
wakes it's victim 
stands up his hair 
puts a pound of silly putty 
in the pit of his gut 
screeching foreign words 
searing melted flesh 
A twisted masquarade face 
follows him everywhere 
sitting on his shoulders 
crawling in his hair 
invisible to the world 
playing peek-a-boo games 
here and gone and back again 
forever returning to haunt it's prey 
and directing scenes 
of horrormsre nights 
It torments the mind too 
by leaving clues 
between the pages 
of dusty old books 
and secrets for escape 
echo between the licks 
of speed metal guitars 
by all too obscure bands. 
Shadows of tomorrow 
promise only more 
of the same. 
   - B. Stacey
Breaking out 
the form 
in which 
I was molded 
hurts my ear 
feels like crying 
without a tear 
now that I'm 
old enough 
handle it. 
ball peen beater 
angst spawns 
the quit night 
echoed 'nd crashed 
in my head 
rollin super- 
market carts 
'g'nst black 
a parking lot 
falling silent now 
but for 
the wind's whisper 
the ocean's 
singing glorious 
Lilith Moon
Like a furtive 
fleeting fragrance 
floating in wandering 
on an excited 
april wind 
your spirit gently 
touches my soul 
then is gone 
then is with me 
through thousands 
of miles 
and many long years 
you swim 
the aching gulf 
of eternity 
to embrace my 
consciousness with 
tenderly delicious 
then leave me 
to savouir your 
essence sweet 
deep within my heart. 
Lilith Moon
My name is Candy 
Your friendly Diner Prostitute 
I will be your waitress 
For the evening 
May I hang up your coat? 
Our special, tonight 
Is a leather mini-skirt and 
A see-through blouse. 
Can I tempt you with 
Sex on the Beach or a 
Lite beer? 
Turning tables for a living 
A casual lean of the leg 
Letting the skirt 
Ride up at an angle 
Dropping a napkin and 
Bending over 
Reaching high 
Revealing thigh 
Perhaps, if you are lucky, and 
Extra nice 
A glimpse of a cheek 
Through the crack of a slit 
Would you care for an 
Appetizer with your meal? 
The seafood is very fresh, today. 
Long hair and skinny waist 
I can banter with the best. 
Will that be coffee or tea: 
Refills are free 
Or shall we just go straight for 
I heartily recommend the 
Strawberries and cream 
A bargain at only $4.25 
I'll even laugh at you jokes 
It's all part of the 
Full meal deal 
But, sir, the 
Hand on my waist and the 
Hand on my ass 
Is all an added fee. 
Are you finished? 
Will there be anything else 
This evening? 
That comes to $9.99 
Tax and gratuity not included. 
Thank you very much and 
I hope you enjoyed it. 
Come again 
It is seen 
By mankind's conquest 
Of nature 
That the suburban sleepwalkers 
With their 
Immaculate lawns and manicured hedges 
Still think 
Nature's time 
Should be in keeping the neighborhood 
As tidy as their 
Living rooms 
L.S. Jones
Standing in line at a 
Coffee house in 
Picking up a 
Conversation in front of me 
Two men in their thirties 
Effeminate lisps 
speaking loudly and 
Glancing around to 
Make sure that people are 
Also listening. 
Talking about 
Absolute incentives and 
Using abstract, intellectual 
Words to 
Mask a lead of 
Nonsensical Bullshit 
City life. 
You forget what it is 
All About 
Living in small towns. 
" I worked in a sawmill for 
Five years, peeling logs." 
For some reason, I 
Picture him cheesy, and nerdy, 
In some clerical position, 
Wiggling his butt from  
One filling cabinet to the next. 
" peeling logs thinking 
Life is Shit, and men peeling 
Logs doing critiques on Chaucer." 
P.H.D.'s, blue collars, M.A.'s 
If you allow it the 
List will go on to 
Hell and high 
I only wish they 
Would order their coffee and 
Get through the line. 
It's a sad day in Time 
when children must play 
outside in the yard 
in suits of plastic 
lest the rain 
eat through their skin 
and their lungs 
constrict in terror 
of the air. 
It's a sad day in life 
when a blossom 
cannot grow 
in the barren sandy earth 
and the trees 
cannot boast shade 
for their buds cannot 
birth through 
their hardened, burnt 
It's a sad day on earth 
when the rivers 
rise high 
with the weight of 
rubbish and the 
scum of oil, 
destroying life, 
in and out. 
It's the end of our world 
when those able to 
are called to duty 
til the end. 
Susan Wright
The time has come, 
For those far and near 
To join hands and fight 
Their nation wide diplomacy. 
All who have ever resolved a problem, 
Must meet and form a congregation, 
To stop the rulers of their nation, 
To save this precious world we built. 
We must not destroy what many have worked for 
Is it the good old days? 
Where pain was pay and the gain 
was the feeling of success 
The 20th century is a wasteful, 
Knowledge of pollution, 
Certainly with no solution of 
God and fate, 
Pulling triggers of many guns, 
Exploding bombs, 
Always many must die. 
Always many must cry. 
Much must be lost before 
Any can be gained and realized. 
Susan Wright
Strive for the future 
Forget the past 
It's here and gone 
So very fast 
A flicker 
Given To the blast 
From my heart 
The stone will be cast 
To You 
The characters of my past 
Susan Wright
I do enjoy so much 
Us two when we fuck 
You bring me to such heights 
On those loving and lustful nights 
My orgasm just flows 
From my head to my toes 
Wanting you so much 
Vibrating for your touch 
Babies enjoined sweat flowing freely 
A young colt a frisky filly 
To Seasoned stud and mare 
Inhibitions abandoned, free without care 
Never quite understanding my luck 
To have had such an amazing fuck 
On Monday I kissed Tom 
On Tuesday I kissed Dick 
On Wendsday I kissed Harry 
On Thursday I did not Terry 
I kissed don, Rick and parry 
On Friday I kissed Tim 
On Saturday I kissed Nick 
On Sunday I kissed Paul 
The next week I fucked them all. 
Should I say sorry for doing what I wanted to do 
Should I say sorry because I hurt you 
Should I cry to make you feel better 
Should I write you an apology letter 
Should I laugh and not give a damn, 
Should I feel guilty 'cos I had your man! 
Cardboard City is in cities in Britain where young people from 15 - 30 live, as they can't get welfare or work, they beg and live in cardboard cartons. Under bridges and on city wastelands. 
Do you like my home 
I made it myself 
It was empty when I found it 
Its inhabitants on the shelf 
It was for a freezer unit 
It's true its fairly cold 
But I've lined it with blankets 
Though they're worn and old 
When it rained it leaked 
So I covered it with Bin (Garbage) Bags 
And made a door 
Out of some surplus rags 
I also found an old sleep sack 
And now it looks quite pretty 
I'm making myself aa home 
Down in Cardboard City 
Money, house, T.V. and car 
People starving in Africa 
Blood fur coats ... Signs of prosperity 
Jobless millions ... Social Security 
H. Bombs, Atomic weapons, nuclear power 
Bought for comfort, giving only sorrow 
Starving people, not knowing tommorow 
Additives, chemicals. man made mess 
Taking more giving less 
Nature's rape an unfinished violation 
Systematic destruction of each nation 
More extinct races, more death 
Bleeding the earth dry, stifling her breath, 
Armageddon through monetary greed 
Evil power a fast growing seed 
Morals back to front, upside down 
In the Sea of Life we will drown, 
Not even the best swimmer will be saved 
In Earth's retributive tidal wave. 
Acorns scattered on the ground  
Will you have a chance to grow? 
Will you become a sapling? 
Will you become a tree? 
Will I live to know? 
Your Parent o'majestic Oak 
Who has watched time go Past 
Seeing man's destruction; What sorrow, 
What waste, what brutality  
Against all earth's offspring, 
You think of man, your foe. 
Do you remember a time 
Of man being just and kind 
Before he turned so low? 
Do you remember man 
Of man ever living in harmony 
with nature,Do you?...No. 
You see poisoning of water and air 
A rape of earth's vegetation 
Axes felling animal and bough. 
Guns, bombs, chemicals 
killing the life of land 
The devil applauding in tow 
The fly fell off my nose and dropped dead 
Then another one landed - eight on my head 
My fingers jumped off my hands and onto my hair 
Searching for the fly who wasn't there! 
So I spat aou a spider who crawled up my face 
Yet after spinning her web there was still no trace 
Of that fucking fly 
Then I saw him - in my eye 
Tears welled up and I saw the fly frown 
As more tears come the fly began to drown 
Encircled in a tear he ran down my cheek 
I admit hah! his future looked bleaked 
As he landed an the floor - I stood on him 
And the fly no more! 
But what's that in my hair?! 
I felt my head - Damn! 
Another fly was there! 
I saw the telltale signs of what was to come 
Of her feet beginning to itch, Pins and needles in her thumb 
Sitting in a chair with a faraway look 
On her lap a travelling book, 
Atlases strewn across the floor 
I'd seen it happen once before 
She packed her bags and went away 
Saying nothing so there was nothing to say 
Sleeping bag rolled, Sack on her back, 
Smile on her face, tear in her eye 
She'd never said hello and she never sid Goodbye 
The woman gave birth and wept for her child 
The shepherd prayed for his sheep 
A mournful sound came out of the wild 
And all souls began to weep, 
The seas and rivers prayed for clean water 
The birds and bees begged for fresh air 
All now was sorrow, gone was laughter 
All now was dark, nowhere fair 
The flowers and plants begged for sun rays 
And acid-free showers 
But gone were those pure days 
And soon to begone were `tomorrows! 
The earth quivered and quaked in her anger 
The sea heaved and roared in his rage 
Man's POLLUTION would go no longer 
Today is the end of his age 
Do you ever get that feeling 
Of being lost inside 
Wondering exactly what you're doing 
Instead of flowing with the tide? 
Do you ever get that feeling 
Of wanting to run away 
Not really knowing what from 
but wanting to find a different way 
Do you ever get that feeling 
That it's time to leave 
Rejoicing in Past friendships 
yet feeling you need to breath 
If you ever get these feelings 
Then maybe its time for change 
Start living life afresh 
Feeling Free Again 
Is there no place for such as we 
Descendants of humanity 
A blood filled battle for history 
With no understanding of harmony! 
Farewell to you 
A traveler of time 
For you leave 
This land behind 
To find another 
New to thou 
Your journey 
Long and far 
I hope your voyage 
A successful one 
Traveller of this world 
Along your way 
Remember well 
In knowledge 
Your future dwells 
Don't forget ones friend 
For without them 
You are forgotten 
So good bye 
My wise friend 
I hope we meet once more 
In this land 
Of time and space 
For when I seen the moon 
The same as yours 
I shall remember you 
My friend 
Hell is fire 
Heaven is hell 
Purgatory is where I dwell 
With the devil on our heels 
We walk through life 
With no place to go 
We can see our future 
With out a goal 
Our quest just begun 
As we walk through time 
As doors close behind 
Although we are blind 
We can see what we've done 
With the high 
And the know 
The artist goes 
Heart and soul 
Heaven and hell 
This is where he dwells 
A dream 
The cosmos 
Colours from within 
An artist sins 
To a couple I know 
Who are to be as one 
I send best wishes 
Since I am ones 
Fathers son 
I am not here 
For I am there 
My thoughts are with you 
Upon you day of joy 
My blessing I send 
Both girl and boy 
As you are joined 
I lose my sister 
But better one friend of two 
Than of none 
The Sun she is 
Dressed in gray 
To mourn this 
Day, I fell 
Her tears 
On my cheeks 
I dream of a girl 
Who I can not have 
My heart dropped 
In sorrow, due to 
Forbidden love 
Love transcends 
Space and Time 
Creates great peace and 
Causes harm 
Brother against brother 
In the quest for 
An entity called loved 
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