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Our Generic Editorial 
Every day, the average human is inundated with 8.2 hr's. of mass media information; of this time the typical Canadian males spends 1.2 hr's. reading newspapers compared to .8 hr's for the average Canadian female.  But of all this information being passed on to the public how much of it can accurately be called "news"? 
     According to 1982 statistics only three Canadian cites out of 97 were reported as having competing daily newspapers.  This is a clear indication of how one sided the news industry in this country has become.  When the fact that the three largest publishers are responsible for nearly 60% of circulation, and over half of the revenues, approximately 717 million dollars is the result of advertising sales, the near monopolistic state of newspaper information is obvious. 
     What does this mean for the typical Canadian? Unfortunately it conveys that the public is being presented with a one sided opinion of what is actually occurring in the world surrounding us.  Because of the importance of advertising dollars, it is quite possible for multinational corporations to dictate the style and quality of what is reported.   
     But it doesn't end with the newspaper industry.  Selkirk Communications Inc., which is 30% owned by Canada's largest publisher Southam Inc., controls 11 radio and 5 television stations in major Canadian markets.  Mclean Hunter/Sun, another communication conglomerate controls the Sun newspapers as well as dozens of magazines, radio, and television stations. Together these two corporations are responsible for nearly all the news available in this country through their ownership of Associated Press and United Press International respectively. 
     Sadly this domination of the media has resulted in a conservative, American representation of world events.  Stories that don't fit in with the ideology of the editors and advertisers are axed in favour of shallow reporting and human interest stories.  The time of in-depth investigative reporting is dead, killed by a media machine intent on brainwashing the populace.  There are a few exceptions to this, programs like "The Fifth Estate" and "Sixty Minutes" still display intelligent reporting, but for the most part tabloid T.V. has replaced integrity with sex and violence. 
                                         Cameron Taggart 
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