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This site was created from the remaining print issues and recoverable material from the recently rediscovered archival floppies of the Generic Opinion?. Although it doesn't seem like long ago, many of the files were corrupted or we no longer had software that could read them. We did manage to recover and/or convert most of the files. In the mess of files we had collected there were many duplicates of articles and stories in different stages of completion. We tried to use what seemed to be the most complete or understandable of the documents and images. Some images were scanned in from the print issues as originals had been lost and other material was digitized from the box of papers or so called archive, for the first time. Not all the material has been included yet and may never be. Some is just unrecoverable and some is, well we're really not sure what it is. During the sites creation, we also removed reviews and other material that was pretty much useless, even if it had been in the print issues. 
The Generic Opinion? was originally and primarily a free print magazine or paper. It was created at a time that color was expensive and not available to the small independent publisher, let alone from your home printer. Photo imaging was also done professionally, no high-res scanners in house so few photographs were used, we did find a few in the collection and will included them on the web site. The Generic Opinion? did publish a few issues as DOS executable e-books, before the Internet had gained wide spread acceptance and availability. We were unable to run these programs but believe we have all the texts from them. Once the World Wide Web appeared The Generic Opinion? went online for a short while at now owned by General Optical. It lasted a short time as a web page, but just cost to much and not having high speed yet, it took a lot of time to view an image and the world wide web was just getting going. If you remember Mosaic and thought your 2400 baud modem was speedy, you may have seen The Generic Opinion? Digital Edition.   
The Generic Opinion? as a free paper relied on contributions from the public, record companies and advertisers to supply the content and capital. It was intended to be a monthly fanzine, but due to lack of content it became a sort of random publishing, every two or three months, it really depended on how everyone felt and how much stuff we had. The record companies were good to us supplying everything from music, concert tickets, interviews and advertising (money). It worked for the record companies as the internet was not established as a viable publicity machine and having their bands getd some exposure in Banff, an international crossroads of sorts, was benifitial tp them. It is funny looking back as we had more support from the American record companies where as we had little local or Canadian support, although we actually tried harder to get the Canadian companies on board. The town of Banff just hated us, when we looked into a business license, we were told they already had a paper, so you get an idea of the challenge we had to keep it rolling. This is also why it was a so called underground paper, even though everyone knew who was behind it.  
The web site is in many ways a best of or retrospective of the original The Generic Opinion? As it is a new compilation of the print issues and other archived information, plus a few extras. Although updated in many ways the web site maintains the originals overall look and feel of one of Banff Alberta's few original independent papers in the underground tradition. The original content in The Generic Opinion? was somewhat scattered with an article, quote and poem next to each other. This was done on purpose we actully did our own layout and paste ups. The generic staff spent many a late night getting the paper together to send off to the printer. In this issue we have reorganized the information into more suitable sections for easier navigation and compiled multi-issue articles into single articles as well as removing some duplications between issues (we didn't always have enough content).  
As far as continuing the site, we are taking a wait and see attitude. Although unlikely that we will update this site, if we uncover or recieve articles, pictures or information regarding the original The Generic Opinin? we will likely add it to the site. If you are interested in submitting something to The Generic Opinion? please see the bottom of the Submissions page. 
NOTE: We think there may be some more material hidden in the files. For now the Generic Opinion? is finished as our efforts have been put towards other projects. If we receive more submissions or requests to hurry up and find the lost files, we may revive The Generic Opinion? for a forum of public expression.  
Guess what? 
All people, groups and business' involved with compiling and hosting The Generic Opinion? are not responsible, for anything. It is your, the viewers responsibility  
Due to the nature of this publication and of this web site ("The Generic Opinion?" or "") The Generic Opinion?, Media Cooks ( its licensors and web hosts do not guarantee the authenticity of any or all of the materials hosted here and take no responsibility for the correctness, usability or opinions expressed in any of the materials presented on this web site. This material has been contributed, often by anonymous persons and unless we see obvious slander, liable or plagiarism we do not censor the work. 
We regret that because of a lack of time and funding we are unable to research the authenticity all of the submissions. If you have knowledge that a work presented here has been plagiarized or has glaring mistakes or omissions please feel free to contact us and we will add your comments to the work.  
All materials in this magazine are copyright this includes, photos, art, articles, poetry, comics, advertising and so on. 
Yes, everything is owned by someone. All materials are copyright by their respective owners. 
Finally, it is of our "Generic Opinion'' that people should know better than to believe everything that they read. 
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