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We may create new issues as PDFs  that can be viewed online or downloaded and enjoyed at a later date. These would be compilation issues of web materials and some stuff that didn’t make it to the web site. If and when a new issue is available we will post a link to it here.

In the future we may create another print issue for nostalgia it will be available, via snail mail to those that want it. Most likely it will be a compilation issue of what we feel are the best submissions from  previous issues.. This will not  happen until we have enough content to make it a a viable option, so maybe never.

Will there ever be a new issue of The Generic Opinion??

See the original

The originals are no longer available as single print issues. You can still read most of the articles, stories and poetry from the original print editions of The Generic Opinion? by clicking on the logo\button below. This will launch a new browser window with an old Generic Opinion? Website that was simply an online compilation of print materials and a few extras.

The Original



In many ways the web site is the new issue and whenever content is added, the issue is new, we just recycle a lot of old content. On occasion new features and stories will appear on this site.