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Your looking at The Generic Opinion? a some what freeform publication, although it does have a ‘Fanzine’ feel. It is a fairly static web site, with new content added on an irregular basis. We are also home to The Original Generic Opinion?  

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Please be aware that this web site uses a number of active content features (Java-script and Flash) and thusly you will need to allow active content for the site to work properly.


The originals are no longer available as single issues. You can still read most of the articles, stories and poetry from the original print editions of The Generic Opinion? by clicking on the logo\button above. This will launch a new browser window with the Generic Opinion? online compilation.

Our generic mascot is the drunken beaver.

Our generic hero and comic character is Tofu Man

Tofu Man

 It is our “Generic Opinion” that people should know better than to believe everything that they read. - the Editors