What if Happy Bob came from the other side of the screen.

It is the near future and corporate society has superseded governments, the world is in an uneasy peace, as corporations prop up countries economies. For the common man life revolves around the company and individuals and those who disturb the corporate norm are cast aside. This is usually a death sentence, as only a select few are every re-employed

and even fewer can survive without the corporation. Baily was fired by X-corp, who used their power to virtually blacklisted Baily. X-corp found Baily to unpredictable, and his humor causing disturbances. Since his dismissal Baily has become house bound and somewhat senile and relies on his wife Anna-Marie, for his survival.

Anna-Marie is a professional social re-engineer working within a large research and treatment facility. Anna is the head of the Paranormal behavior department. She takes care of Baily and is both lover and mother. She allows him to be eccentric and indulges his harmless fantasy's. She has always laughed with Baily, finding his humor refreshing, even before he was let go.

On the other side, Oblah works furiously hunched over a table, ignoring everything around him. He is called away and leaves mumbling something about if they ever found out, one left, my fault, could never make out more than a few words. Once Oblah left, his new partner, Mary-Anne takes it upon herself to see what Oblah has thrown himself into. Reading through his notes, she sees a diagram and pockets it.  Oblah returns, Mary smiles at him, and walks with him to his desk, while she opens a small compact, fixes her makeup and places it on the desk.

Baily is sitting in front of a computer, staring at the X-corp employee welfare page and drawing a mustache on the presidents picture.  When his partner Anna-Marie enters talking about her day. Baily flicks off the screen, and starts sarcastically joking about how he went to work, and how great X-corp is. Anna breaks in with a whispered laugh and something about the television. Baily becomes fixated on an image in the mirror, asking Anna who they are?. Anna breaks his gaze, looks at the mirror, sees only a reflection and says, its us, and leads him away to a fast food dinner waiting in front of the TV. Handing him the remote she looks back at the mirror fixing her dress, just as the TV goes on and she vanishes, Mary-Anne appears in the apartment and watches Oblah and Anna, then closes her compact, puts it in her purse. (a paper falls to the floor) She tells Baily she'll be right back, and leaves. Baily looks around to catch a glimpse of his partner in the mirror, but no one else is in the room.

Baily sits back and jokes about her not coming back. He soon realizes something is wrong and goes to his computer, picking up a piece of paper along the way. Baily switches the screen on and stares at the half drawn mustache. He starts thinking about where Anna would have gone, noticing Anna's purse, he knows something is wrong. Baily starts to remember the images in the mirror.

Oblah quickly explains to Anna what has happened, and that it was through a similar rip that knowledge leaked, and lead to the world she was living in. Oblah gets Anna to pretend to be Mary, while they try to solve the problem. Oblah, can't believe it is happening to him again, and what if his superiors find out Mary is gone.  

Baily notices the paper, but can't understand it. He scans it into the computer but the computer has no reference. So he posts a description of the events to the web, in hopes someone can help him, but everyone laughs, he just sounds like another nut case. It seems the world has gotten the better of Baily. All he seems to be able to do is make light of the situation, talking to the computer. Joking with himself in the mirror like there is someone on the other side.

Mary sees the post and isn't laughing, she needs the paper back, without it she could never return. Even worse whoever has it could send her back. Mary enjoys this world, of glass and mirrors where her looks can smooth the way to greatness and a little bit of smarts helps too.

Anna glimpses a small reflected image on Oblahs glass of water. She tries to copy it down, unable to complete it.  Oblah, seeing the scribble manages to decipher it and reactivate the system, using a small metal plate as a reflector. However Oblah knew a small metal disk would burn out if the machine was left running. Oblah explains the situation to Anna, they decided to take their chances as there are other discs. Anna and Oblah soon realize there isn't enough power to go both ways or maintain any sort of full portal. They decide to let people look in, and place a note to Baily on how the diagram works, hopefully there is enough power for him to see it.

Mary, enters Baily's apartment and fluttering her eyebrows moves toward him, and leans over the desk, grabbing the paper. Baily, looks at the mirror, jumps up, startles Mary and she falls into the mirror breaking it, Baily watches as Mary disappear into the mirror and he looses sight of the note.

Oblah grabs Mary and Anna hits her with a beaker. Mary falls unconscious and Anna immediately begins to comfort her. Baily watches as Oblah and Anna's images fade away into the broken mirror. Baily starts to realize he is alone, and becomes unstable and talkative. He starts reorganizing the room, making a child like fort. Oblah, taking the original paper from Mary, recalibrating the machines, but nothing happens. The mirror on the other side was gone.

Baily, crawls out from hiding and sweeps the mirror shards into a pile, staring at the twinkling glass, a tear in his eye.  Anna can just make out Baily's image, she calls and waves to him, Oblah grabs Anna and throws her into the machine, it sparks and smokes, Anna is shocked. the machine explodes, destroying it, killing Oblah and Mary while sending Anna back through the shards to Baily, her normal life, and mending the rip\portal.

The END...


Bob's apartment - TV, computer, mirror, hand held device w/screen-Clean, but well lived in.

Baily:- Unemployed programmer- Beautiful wife, lots of brains



= Has a need to be funny=used to cover his problems, by being Funny he isn't insane.-Thinks there is something on other side of screen. (People think he has gone nuts)

=Saw Oblah and Mary-Anne, flicker through screens.

-tries to get Real Wife back, No one believes him

Oblah = Invented the way to cross over, created the rip

- has been attempting to stop it and close it ever since-After Women switch, must get Baily to help, before rip is closed?,expands?

Mary-Anne = External looks

- Conniving, uses looks to full advantage.

= Breaks through portal (sweet talks Oblah)- Laughs At Baily


= Internal Niceness

- Intelligent, nice, doesn't use here looks to go froward

= Married to Baily, keeps him stable (Laughs with Baily)

= replaced by Mary-Anne (switched)