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The Generic Opinion? Returns

We’re back... Once again The Generic Opinion? has a dedicated home, and is available to the public in an online only format. The latest incarnation of The Generic Opinion? is still a freeform style publication, full of interesting tidbits articles and generic opinions and information.

There is going to be less poetry and fluff and more features as this is the place that I will put most of my writing and consolidate a number of other articles from other places.

Much of the content featured in the print issues will not be present or so relevant to the new Generic Opinion? it has a number of articles/papers on different topics as well as a daily blog of sorts. The daily is updated on a sporadically consistent basis, keeping in tradition with the original. Unlike the original Generic Opinion? features are now researched far better than before and we feel confident the information presented is of a factual nature, although no garantees are made.( even if an opinion).

The Generic Opinion? is still a textual based publication, it is now fully digital and can be updated at any time, without the need to have pages of content.

You are all ways viewing the latest\newest issue. As such ‘new editions’ will be compiled PDFs of some of the better material added over the year.  These new editions will serve as an archive of the year and any major updates.